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Global IP regularly advises investors, litigation funders and insurers about potential transactions involving patents or patent litigation.  Global IP has analyzed potential infringement of patents, scope of infringement, potential damages, validity and enforceability.  Global IP also assesses, and advises on, proposed strategies for patent monetization.  Global IP has been due diligence counsel for judgment preservation insurance, analyzing including presented on appeal. Exemplary recent Global IP due diligence projects have included:

  • Providing acquisition due diligence, including claim-level patent review, infringement analysis, valuation, and other aspects of IP diligence

  • Advising Fortune 50 company on IP aspects of acquisition of company

  • Advising private investor with respect to acquiring a company. Global IP’s evaluation and valuation supported acquisition strategy

  • Providing strategic counseling for a joint venture that included building licensing models and a business plan that focused on the IoT market over the next 10 years

  • Conducting valuations to support clients’ debt financing needs

  • Analyzing scores of patents and potential enforcement cases for infringement, validity, valuation, strategy, and other issues

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