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Global IP has extensive experience providing strategic counseling to companies of all sizes and across many industries, including telecommunications, wired and wireless communications, color management, defense, e-commerce, digital music, mobile health, financial tools, and patent enforcement. Our comprehensive patent strategy focuses on the client's overall goals while controlling costs, whether they include supporting and augmenting business operations or generating revenues. We advise our clients on ways to optimize their patent portfolios to best achieve these goals through organic development and prosecution, acquisition, and sale.

One aspect of our practice is advising larger, Fortune 100-level companies on patent portfolio strategy. That process often begins with a comprehensive review of those companies' full patent portfolios. Our patent lawyers personally conduct this review, using their informed legal and technical judgment to examine the actual claims and specifications of the patents rather than relying on algorithmic, machine-implemented review. Over the last five years, we have collectively reviewed tens of thousands of patent claims in a detailed and value-focused manner. This type of analysis provides us insight into ways that a company's overall patent prosecution strategy can be improved to achieve its goals.

We also advise on smaller portfolios. With smaller-portfolio engagements, we counsel clients on a more granular level. Working with patent prosecution counsel, we suggest potential improvements in claim language during the application process. These claim improvements can often greatly increase the value of a portfolio.

We then are able to use the knowledge and information developed during these deep portfolio evaluations to create a monetization strategy that best fits the client's business goals, while remaining sensitive to risks to the client's ongoing business and ability to invest additional resources in a monetization process.

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